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Ram fullI was born in a politically active and freedom fighter’s family and got education up to graduate levels in Science from Agra University and Engineering from University of Roorkee (now IIT Roorkee). Served many companies from junior to top management levels. Now retired from Engineering/Management profession, have taken up Article writing, Blogging, Herbal Gardening, and Philosophical and Psychological studies for a social change in India. After a lot of considerations, studies and research, I am a determined Atheist.

I am Author of 14 eBooks at –

apart from many Engineering books for the print media, apart from my writings on my four websites.

My Missions

1. To Decipher Linguistics and Secrets of Vedic Scriptures Completely

For the last 2,000 years, Vedic Scriptures have been treated like Sacred things just for praying and worshiping, without understanding real intentions essence and purpose of their creations. Whatever translations and interpretations have been presented to people are fraudulent by vested interests with the objective of cheating people in their names.

2. To Publicize Ways of Improving Human Health for 100 Youthful Years

Our Vedic Ancestors remained active and healthy for about 300 years. They have provided their secrets of longevity, immunity and activity in the scriptures exhaustively with the name of Ayurveda, as has been unearthed by me by now. To bring out the whole facts. Establishment of the real Ayurveda through screening out all the misinformation is another objective of my life.

3. To Unearth Secrets behind God, Religions and Spirituality

The greatest fraud on humanity has been the concept of God continued through Religions and spirituality. Bringing out reality of origin of these misconcepts to uproot physical, economic and psychological exploitation of people by the carriers of these is another objective of mine.


You are Welcome

You are welcome to this site with a unique mission of making it possible for a human-being to have 100 youthful years in his/her lifespan surpassing 300 years, through critically understanding and complying with the real Ayurveda as preached by Brahma and is available to us through Vedic Scriptures, which are by far grossly misunderstood in the last 2,000 years.

Two important realistic scriptures coming to notice of the Author so far are ‘Bhavaprakash’ and ‘Vishnu Puran’. Conversely, falsehoods about Ayurveda and History have been ruling the roost through wide publicity to fake scriptures such as Ramayan and Mahaabhaarat by the vested interests in misguiding people and serving their vicious objectives.

Three most important personalities of Vedic Era have been Brahma, Vishnu and Jesus (Ganesh) of Dev (Theo) race. Dead set against them were those who preached about existence of God and its incarnations. This was a large group of many races – Yahoodis, Assyrians, Dorians, Yavans, etc from different lands on the Globe, all generally known as Asur. Though, routine struggles between Devas and Asurs continued every moment, there had been two major Devasur Sangrams (Theo-Asur struggles) during that period.

The third important faction had been of Daityas, under leadership of two Agastya brothers, who wanted to remain neutral in the Devasur struggles, but got fragmented into pro-Dev and pro-Asur persons due to personal interests and inclinations. The Agastya brothers sided with the Devas and wrote Vedic literature to serve the people.

Disclaimer : Here are my views based on my translations of the referred scriptures. It is up to you whether you believe them or not. I bear no responsibility.  


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