Feb 24 2015

Crisis of Character in India and Way-out

Under influence of religions and Aristocratic politics in India since Vaidic Era, under different names and of different shades, most of the people of India have gone physically sick and mentally corrupt. This makes them to elect similar persons for formation of governments even under so-called Democracy. Politically, India has never seen true Democracy. Even …

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Feb 11 2015

Delhi Assembly Election – 2015 Results, Purely Circumstantial

National capital of India, Delhi’s Legislative Assembly Election results have astonished all politicians, journalists and common people, by being in favor of a new political setup of amateurs in Indian politics. Last year, a little bit similar results were seen in favor of BJP in Parliamentary Elections 2014 enabling it to form the government at …

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Feb 09 2015

Two Worst Swords which Destroyed Vaidic Knowledge

‘Braahmanism’ meaning ‘Religions carrying phantoms of gods on their shoukders’ has been a common tool for misguiding and exploiting people by Aristocrats in society and politics. This tool failed to convince all the people particularly those who depend of reasonong through thinking on issues faced by them. To block free thinking process, two more tools …

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Feb 01 2015

Manage the Center for Gains from the Field – Center-Field-Logic (CFL)

Every phenomenon, natural or artificial, has a central point influencing a wide field. This universal constitution may be geometrically represented by a sphere or circle around a center, a point projected into a cone. Like a central point may have many fields with different dimensions under its influence, a field may also be influenced by …

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Jan 19 2015

Falsehoods of Religions and Diplomacy are Tools of Aristocratic Politics

Ruling weak people through force has been the way unorganized masses are oppressed and exploited by organized few since prehistoric times of humanity, inherited from its wild past. It does not need any intellect but only physical might of the ruler. Main purpose of this type of ruling has been exploitation of the masses for …

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Jan 15 2015

A Sad Dream and its Cause

It is 14th January 2015, 10 pm, I am on my bed in basement chamber of my dream-home, just got from a brief nap on click of a sad dream. Weather, now-a-days, is exceptionally cold, hence going out is troublesome. This keeps me bound on the bed in this chamber for most of the time, …

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Jan 12 2015

Let Your Belly Fat Go, Ayurvaidic Way

Belly fat has been a problematic area since Vaidic Era, hence Ayurveda has  paid due attention to this health hazard. The topic is dealt under Riddhi-Vriddhi which is usually considered to deal with prosperity and happiness of people while, in reality, Riddhi-Vriddhi are two health disorders people often suffer from. The misconception about the diseases …

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Dec 31 2014

Vaidic Sanskrit versus Religious Sanskrit – Question of Relevance

Indian subcontinent was first conceived as a Nation by Deva race which not only developed the land to unprecedented prosperity but develop the most scientific script called Devanaagaree for serving two purposes of communication by common people and scholarly communication by scholars. While common people spoke different local languages with a common factor and domination …

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Dec 28 2014

Meditation makes You to Age Faster

There are 19 persons on Vedic records who lived between 300 to 400 years with good health and happiness. These persons were pioneers of Ayurveda, the health science developed by the Vedic scholars. Its basic tenets are sexually and morally disciplined life, more of fruits and vegetables as food having all the five tastes – …

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Dec 27 2014

What is Hinduism

Vedic scholars who conceptualized Indian subcontinent as a Nation (Rashtra) never thought in political terms for establishing their rule over others, making them to work like animals and robbing them of their earnings for luxuries of the rulers. For them, governance meant organizing people and resources for optimum use of these. This idea was developed …

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